Accounting Is Fun

Accounting can be fun.  Accounting is often associated with Maths which can fill people with terror, especially at the thought of doing Maths again but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes Maths is important in Accounting but only in knowing your arithmetic and some basic algebra.  And both of these are no cause for fear.

If you need help with Maths there are plenty of resources available either through the Internet, a local Maths tutor or a TAFE or University introduction course.

Sometimes it is necessary to revisit some of these areas of Maths if you are struggling in Accounting.

So why is Accounting fun?  

For me, Accounting has a logical consistency in that it always stays the same.  A transaction always has to have a debit or credit side.  That never changes.  That makes it fun.  There isn’t some new rule you have to learn or some new researched philosophy that you have to make use of.

It is consistent, repetitive and it tells a story.  It tells you the financial health and success of a business or organization.

Because of this it allows business professionals, shareholders and other interested parties to take decisive action.  

For example, to buy or sell shares, to stop selling a product, to increase production or invest in better capital equipment.

I love sharing this knowledge with my Accounting students.  I am an accountant and tutor accounting students at both High School and University level.

I tutor locally in Toowoomba, Queensland but am also available for Skype sessions.  You can book a session using the Appointment Booking section of this website.  Cost is $40 per hour maximum for face to face sessions and $30 an hour for Skype Sessions.  For face to face sessions if you are doing an introduction to accounting unit the cost is only $35 and $30 an hour for secondary school students.

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