Beating Procrastination

It is the time of the semester now where we’ve already been going six to eight weeks, assignments are starting to fall due (or already have) that procrastination can rear its ugly head.  Anytime we put off doing what we should be doing, that’s procrastination.  It is human nature to want to relax and to enjoy ourselves.  It is also human nature to underestimate how long a task is going to take.  These two factors end up combining to near disastrous consequences.  

We underestimate how long it is going to take to right that essay and prefer to spend our time shopping, watching television, playing games or pretty much anything besides that assignment whose due date becomes ever closer.  Then we finally get to the point where we absolutely have to do it and it ends up taking twice as long, we do a poor job and it ends up being a date late (or longer).

This happened to me recently and even though I know every trick in the book to manage procrastination I fell prey to it even after I’ve being studying in some shape or form for the last thirty years.

So, here is what did help me even if I didn’t do everything right:

  1. I set weekly study goals and kept to them.  This made it easier when I had to drop everything to do my assignment.  If you have study and your assignment work piling up that is a recipe for a disaster.
  2. I also was up to date with all my work and everything else in my life.  I had set weekly and daily goals for everything else which allowed to spend a few days non-stop working on my assignment.  If you have a choice, get help managing your workload or anything else in your life so you can manage these busy periods.
  3. I turned off all distractions when I was ready.  So no TV, no music and I turned off the home phone and my mobile.   Eliminate distractions and get the most our of your assignment or study time.

So while I didn’t do everything right like leaving it to the last minute, I have a plan that will help me with my second assignment.  I’ve broken it down into weekly goals to make it more manageable.  I think that’s the key as it’s where I’ve had the most success in the past and the truth is I just love checking things off a list.

I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes.

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