Being Organised

With only a few weeks to go before the start of the next semester now is the time to start getting organised.  Unlike a regular job where you work 48 weeks of the year, studying involves intense periods of focus and then regular breaks in between.  In fact if you added up all the weeks that you have off there about 20 weeks where you are not studying.  It is during these times that you need to rest and recuperate of course but you also need to get organised for the upcoming semester.

This is not simply about buying your books for the next semester but about preparing everything in your life.

So what does this involve?

Well the first thing I want to do just prior to the semester is cut down on meal preparation.  A good idea is to buy a freezer and spend a few days freezing a lot of meals.  That way you don’t have to rely on takeaway during the hectic pace of the semester and still manage to eat healthily.

The next thing is to make sure your home is de-cluttered and organised before the semester starts.  Do all your spring cleaning jobs during semester breaks.  You will be amazed at the time it saves as there is nothing worse than having to constantly search for things during the semester.  Anything you can do so you can have more study time is well worth it.

If you already have the books for your next semester take the time and get a head start on your reading.  That way when the semester officially starts you’ll have a general idea of the content and are more likely to retain some of that information.

It is also important to a computer maintenance check before the semester starts.  The last you want to happen is to lose an assignment or revision work so do all your virus and spyware checks and get the health of your hard drive checked or alternatively get an external back up drive.  They also wear out too so make sure you replace them every few years.


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