An assessment management plan is important so you get all those pesky assessment items done on time. And not just done, but make sure you get the best grade possible. After all, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

So how do you develop an assessment management plan? And what is it anyway?

It is part of your overall plan for the semester. However, more specifically, it’s your plan just for your assessment. You will want to include all your assignments as well as planning time for revision every week as well.

Then, using the amount of time you have each week, work out what you are going to do each week. You will want to plan to have a lot of the assignment work at the beginning of the semester. Consequently, you may have to back end some of your revision work. Try however, not to back end all of it as we learn best when we can reinforce learning over time.

Give plenty of extra slack time for assignments. For example if it is due on the 12th May, aim to have all your time allocated by the end of April so you have time remaining if something else comes up and you need to rearrange things.

Like most plans, try to make them flexible. You can’t plan everything in concrete at the beginning of the semester. This is your guide for how you can achieve your goals this semester and keep your priorities in order.

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