Developing Good Study Habits

A habit is something that is done regularly without having to consciously think about it.  This is the way we need to think about study practices.  They need to be done so consistently that we don’t have to remind ourselves why we need to do them.

So what are good study habits?

Regular review sessions must be a part of your study if you have an end of term or end of semester examination.  Preparation should begin early, ideally after about four weeks.  Then you will have enough content that you can begin to re-examine and by starting this early you can make sure that the information and study materials that you process can start becoming part of your long term memory.  Once it is in long term memory it is much easier to draw upon for the purposes of examination.

Assignment planning should also be a good study habit.  At the start of the semester work out what you need to do each week and work towards that.  Focus on developing your research and writing skills continually so you can keep working at improving your grades.  While continual improvement is an important aspect in business it is one that should be applied to every aspect of our lives and studying is no exception.

Attending classes is also a study habit as is how we study during the week.  Do you learn better by hearing or reading a book.  If you learn better by hearing, take a digital note taker with you so you can record all your lectures and replay them as often as you like.  If you prefer to read, focus on your text books as your preferred method.  One should never be ignored in favour of another but you need to find out what works best for you so you can get the best out of yourself and your study time.

The study habits you form now will be the basis of your studying and learning throughout the rest of your life so develop them wisely so can be as successful as you can be.

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