Exams are nearly over

I have taken a break this semester from studying but I will be starting again next semester and I will have to manage my own study commitment with tutoring for my students.  The last month before exams are a busy period for me as a lot of students require last minute help and assistance.  This semester I have been able to help a lot of students.  So unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the time to blog as much as I would like to.  However, the exam period will be over in a couple of weeks time (I can hear the joy of students shouting already) and for me that means a chance to do some much needed blogging and invest some time back into my website.

However, these last two weeks of the semester are a critical time and it is essential that you don’t give up through exhaustion or lack of motivation.  It is easy during the first two weeks of term to be motivated but in the last two weeks you just want it all to be over so you can take a break.  Don’t let your effort slide.  If you’re struggling make sure you can take the time to recharge in between exams – read a book, see a movie, have lunch with a friend but whatever you decide to do take a break.  Recharge your brain so you can focus on your next exam.

I myself got so excited when it came to the last exam of my degree that I rushed through it on exam day.  Unfortunately I ended up failing the subject and had to repeat it over the summer.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Learn from my mistakes.  Take it slow, focus on getting the best mark you can and then you can truly enjoy your holidays rather than have them filled with regrets that if you’d just worked a little harder you might have passed or got that GPA your working towards.


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