Keeping Up With Study

Usually at about four to six weeks in there are multiple challenges for students.  Firstly, this is the time when assignments start sneaking up on you and monopolize a great proportion of your time.  Secondly, life gets in the way whether it is leisure time, working or family or other commitments, study can seen to be less of a priority as exams are still far, far away (or seem to be anyway).  Finally, things start to go wrong whether it is a family emergency, a car breaking down or your computer fails and you lose all of that assignment.

All of these things compound on each other and affect the amount of time you devote to study.  Continual study is important as you give yourself the best chance of remembering the information come exam time.  Secondly, you’ll put far less pressure on yourself in the second half of the semester.

So what can you do?

Firstly, you can limit your leisure time.  I’m not suggesting living like a monk but make it a priority to do at least an hour a day.  When I was doing professional qualifications I made sure I did two hours every day during the week which freed the weekend up for leisure while making sure I kept my study commitments.  I did all this while working full-time and while it was difficult it is doable.

Secondly, watch how you spend your time.  Try to find as many time-saving hacks as possible.  Freeze meals on the weekend so you don’t spend so much time during the week on meal prep.  Get your whole family in on the act and share household responsibilities.

Finally, find your own quiet space where you can work so you can make sure the time you do spend on study is well spent time.  There is nothing worse than spending two hours studying but getting continually interrupted or distracted and not feeling like you’ve accomplished anything.


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