Learn the Art of Resting your Brain

Studying is hard work, there is no question about that.  It is also very brain intensive, it requires a lot of thinking.  Unlike a job where you will have use your brain (sorry, a fact of life), there will also be a lot of labour intensive work that don’t involve complex thinking.  For example, as an accountant I can end up doing a lot of data entry which doesn’t involve much thinking.  When I have to do some reading, analyse results or give professional advice, all of these involve some aspect of complex thinking.  The point is, I don’t have to use my brain 8 hours a day.

Compare this to studying which involves paying attention and learning in lectures and tutorials.  Followed up with assignments and studying and revision there is very little that doesn’t involve intense thinking.  The advantage of studying is that you don’t have to follow a strict schedule like working (apart from classes that is).  So you have the option of making sure you don’t over tax your brain so you can get the most out of your studying and yourself.

So what can you do?

You need to make the most of the time you are not studying and invest some truly relaxing activities.  Try some of these:

  1. Read a book – yes reading may seem like the thing you don’t want to do but it really does work.  More than anything else it is a great way to relax.
  2. Get some exercise – not only will it help the mind but it’s great for the body and helps keep you in great condition for studying.
  3. Take a relaxing bath – very relaxing and doesn’t cost anything except a little water or
  4. Take a nap – nothing beats a nap to recharge those brain cells

Whatever you do it’s important to make sure you avoid stimulants like caffeine because even though they will give you the energy to keep going you’ll end up not being able to sleep and a restless nights’ sleep is not helpful for an active brain.

Remember, to treat your brain well so you can get the best out of it and your study.

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