Make Study Fun

There is no question studying can be hard work.  You have to engage your mind and your intellect to understanding principles and to be able to apply problem solving skills to the challenges that are set before you.  Before however you think that there is no way that study can be fun at all let me remind you of this – fun is in the eye of the beholder.

I remember once I had a boring accounts job – boring in that I like to be challenged, to engage with people and provide perspective.  My supervisor recognised this and tried to make work as fun as possible.  Flying rubber bands and paper clips were a small part of a fun day at work.  Work was enjoyable and for the most part I never dreaded going as I did my apprenticeship as an Accountant.

I’ve quickly learned since that not everyone has the same perspective.  I’ve been in places where the work has dragged on and on simply because there is no fun in the workplace.  With no fun people end up counting down the hours and minutes until they can leave and have their own fun.

So how do you make study fun?

Start a regular study group.  Grab a pizza, some drinks and study and discuss the week’s topics.  You’ll get new perspectives and opinions and the topics will “come alive” and in addition, you’ll hopefully gain a few new friends in the process.

Find the most enjoyable part and concentrate on that.  You love depreciation so you keep attempting questions until you know it forwards and backwards and this helps balance out the less fun parts of accounting.

Challenge yourself.  Set yourself goals that you need to beat and work towards that.  Complete that question in 5 minutes, then in 4 minutes and in 3 and so on.  By giving yourself a challenge you can engage your own competitive spirit and plus you’ll prepare yourself for doing your final examination too.

Study does not need to be boring and dull.  Find your spark and work towards it.  The more fun you find, the more you’ll find it enjoyable and the more you are likely to keep at it which means better grades for you which is the ultimate goal after all.

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