Make the Most of Revision Time

There is usually a period between study and exams known as revision time.  It can be between 1 to 3 weeks depending when your exams fall during exam period but how do you make the most of this time?

By this time, you should have most of your review notes together.  If you don’t this is the time to do it but you really don’t want to preparing notes for the bulk of this time.  What you need to be doing is going over your notes.

If you are studying full time this period can create great pressure because you are most probably studying four subjects at once and somehow need to divide a week or two between four subjects.  This is where you need to be smart and allocate your time based on where your grade is presently and what you need or hope to achieve.  For example if you have passed your subject already and are only working having a 4-5.5 GPA that subject could probably use only minimal revision but if you have a subject where the exam is 70% of your grade more time is needed.

The key to making the most of your revision time is not to over estimate your time.  Revision time has a habit of going by really quickly so it is essential to have really good time management skills.  Avoid any and all distractions and focus for these one to three weeks so you can get through your exams and enjoy the feeling that you gave everything to achieve the results you want.

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