Making Accounting Fun

Since this is the title of the website I thought a good idea would be to write about how do you make accounting fun.  For most people normal people anyway accounting is pretty boring.  You add up a lot of numbers and hope at the end everything balances and you have a picture of the performance of the business.  I think part of the reason accounting is so boring is that a lot of people find maths boring as well and accounting and maths are very closely related.

So how do I make accounting more interesting to people? Accounting reports read on their own can seem very dry and boring but they are really telling a story to the reader.  It’s like trying to read a book that you really don’t want to read, it can be pretty dull but if you change your attitude or you find a book you really do want to read the book can still be pretty bad and you can be entertained.

Accounting becomes fun when you either change your attitude or have someone turn the report, the information into a story.  So how do I go about that?  This is a shortened version.  I have a balance sheet and profit and loss statement of XYZ Ltd, not very interesting so far.  Instead of going through each item, line by line I ask the student to take a big picture approach, an ownership approach.

I ask them to imagine this is their business and ask them how they feel about it.  Look at the numbers and I ask them what do they mean for you?  You’ve made $50,000 more profit this year, ideally you would think that would be good but you’ve sold 50% more goods and only generated and extra $50,000 in profit. That’s not so good.  It’s all about personalising each question and problem as if you owned it and what ideas or problems does this create and how would you go about solving it.

The one thing everyone has control over is their attitude and approach.  Change your attitude and approach, you can change your mood, your thoughts, your life.


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