Making Learning Fun

Learning is supposed to be an enjoyable process.  The process of learning a concept and then challenging yourself and meeting that challenge is enjoyable.  It is when we run in difficulties that it stop becoming fun.  There are usually two reasons it stops becoming fun – either we find the concept not interesting enough or we are having difficulty understanding it or both.

So how do you make it fun again?

In school, there is a set curriculum that needs to be followed so you have very little choice in what you study so it is very likely that you will get concepts and subject which you find boring, so how do you get around that?

To get around this look at how it relates to your chosen field or interest.  Let’s say for example you want to be a vet – you love biology but can’t stand English.  How do you make English more fun?  Focus on learning skills that you will need in your veterinary work.  You will need to be able to write letters to animal owners’, to publish research in journals and to write essays and do research for doing your bachelor degree.  If you get a choice of an essay topic see if you can write about a subject relating to the field you want to work in.  That will make it a lot more interesting and a lot more fun.

Now if you are having trouble understanding a topic that is something that can be overcome by getting some additional help.  If your teacher can’t help you see if you can find one who can.  Or additionally, get an outside tutor who can help you outside of class understanding those difficult concepts.  Once you have them mastered you’ll find that learning starts to become a lot more fun again as you start to enjoy the learning process once again.

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