Making use of technology

One of the advantage of being a student today is that you don’t need to be constrained by being away from your desk or your classroom.  You can download study material and have a study session in the park, in a coffee shop or at a restaurant or you can fit it in while waiting for an appointment.  Last semester while I was studying I was working somewhere that was far away from home so I’d quickly eat my lunch and be flat out bored for the rest of the lunch hour.  So I started taking my tablet to work with my text downloaded onto it.  This meant I could do all my text book readings during lunch which saved a lot of time for me.  For me this was an option because between work and study I was doing 70 hours a week and I was always looking for a way to cut down my hours where I could.

I could also log in to the university website and get study materials and as I was doing online study whenever I had spare time I could fit in my study where I could.  So my question for you is what time do you have during the week that is essentially wasted?  Could you be bringing your tablet or smartphone with you more often and get more work done during those “wasted” times.  We certainly have a greater advantage than students in the past who had to carry heavy text books or copious notes around if they wanted to do some extra study.  Don’t waste what time you have and if you can do some extra study during those waiting times you’ll find you have more time for those things you love doing and wouldn’t you rather be doing that than spending time studying?


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