Study Tools

There are a lot of study tools you can get to make your studying easier.  Back in the day all you used to have is your trusty pen and paper and if you were lucky, a digital note taker.

Now, there a plethora of apps and software available, study content now is often available digitally through PowerPoints, PDF’s and if you are fortunate enough, sound and video recordings of lectures.  If that wasn’t enough, text books are often available as e-books so you can do your reading on the go.


This is something I highly recommend, if you can get your text books as e-books it’s a great idea as you usually pay less than the paper version but you can always fit an extra 5-10 minutes of studying somewhere like if you’re stuck waiting for a Doctor’s appointment.  Actually, I used to do 30 minutes of study during lunch time at work as it meant less I had to do at home.

Is there somewhere where you have a spare few minutes that you could fit some extra study in?

And what tools can you use to make your life easier?

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