Need someone to proofread your assignment?

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Need your assignment proofread or just need some feedback?

We all need help from time to time.  Whether Accounting and/or Business is a completely new discipline to you or not, anyone can benefit from someone else reviewing their assignment.

So why choose me?

I have an industry professional for  over ten years and in addition, I have completed an undergraduate degree, professional qualifications as a CPA and have completed 75% of a Masters degree in Business Administration.

So I have some well credentialed academic experience as well.

I find it is much more beneficial to get someone to proofread your assignment who has at lease some background in the field you are studying.  I wouldn’t be able to provide the same advice and constructive criticism to someone studying creative arts or journalism because I have no experience in the field.

My rates are:

$30 for the first 1000 words and $2 for every 250 words thereafter.

Assignment Proofreading

I am located in the Toowoomba area and if you are in need of some face to face help make sure you to send me an email at

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