Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Asking questions is an essential part of learning but many people can feel embarrassed about asking questions in class fearing they will be seen as less than if they don’t know all the answers.  The truth is you are only less than if you are not learning and the best way to learn is by asking questions.  That’s why a tutor is a really great idea if you are nervous about asking questions in front of lots of people.  You get to learn one on one and get comfortable with asking lots of questions outside of a formal classroom setting.

Fear of being wrong is a fear that is common to a lot of people but remember the most intelligent people in the world all had to start somewhere.  As children we started by asking adults questions and this continued through to adulthood.  We somehow have the idea that once we become an adult we should suddenly know everything when the truth is learning is a life long adventure that doesn’t stop with the end of high school or college or post graduate education.  We are always learning, always growing so we can be better people.

Remember too that very often someone else is wondering the same question as you so you are not alone and if a teacher has been teaching a subject for a number of years the same question will have recurred year after year so it is not something that is new to them.  They understand that every student is new, the content is new and students will ask questions.

Learning is an adventure and you will find there are topics that you grasp easily but some will be more challenging and require hard work.  Don’t shy away from the challenge but embrace it and enjoy the challenge of learning.

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