Practice your way to Success

There are a few few things in life where you can try to fake your way through.  Some subjects you might be able to try and fake your way through but take it from someone who knows – Accounting is not one of them.

One of the reasons is Accounting is very practical.  You need to know how to complete a question and how to adapt when extra challenges are added to it.  It is not a matter or reading research material and writing an essay.  You need to be able to understand the concepts.

It is why in my Tutoring sessions I put such an emphasis on getting the basics right and spending a lot of time making sure my students understanding them.  The basics you learn in introductory accounting are expanded and built upon throughout your degree.  If there is some aspect that you’ve misunderstood or failed to grasp at an introductory level then you can be sure that you will continue to struggle with it as the concepts and problems become more complex.

That is why it is essential in that first semester to get as much help as you can so you can make sure you understand what you are doing and the reason behind what you are doing.

The second thing you need to be doing is to practice, practice and practice some more.  It is easy to sit in a lecture theatre and think to yourself “I understand this” but in actually doing and solving the problems you really get to understand them.  If you do it often enough the process itself becomes nearly intuitive and it is much easier for you when you get to an assessment type situation to solve advanced problems when new challenges are presented to you as you have a thorough understanding of the basics.

So remember, practice.  There are unfortunately no shortcuts in Accounting so if you really want to do well you need to practice as much as you can and as often as you can.

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