Preparing for Exams

For most students who are studying multiple subjects, the exam period is a tricky time of year.  You have to prepare for an exam which may make up 50% (or more) of your final grade and after it’s over you have to get over it really quickly so you can prepare for the next one.  I’ve had exam weeks where I had two or three in the same week.  I’ve also had to go back to work the next day while working full time and I can attest that the exam period is one of the hardest parts of the year to cope with mentally.

So how do you approach it?

Make sure all housework, meal preparation, errands and anything that needs to be done can be done before hand and be willing to let it go for a couple of weeks.  Making sure meals are prepared before hand will be helpful so you can maximise your study time but also so you can maximise your post exam time.

You need to put in as much as you need into your study time before your exam but you also need to take 24-48 hours afterwards in relaxation time before start preparing for the next one.  If you are working see if you can take one or two days off afterwards because I can tell you from personal experience that working the day after an exam is one of the worst things you can do.

This high stress/high relaxation strategy needs to continue until all your exams are done and then you need to probably take a weeks’ holiday (if you can get the time away from work) so you probably mentally recover.  Otherwise you are going to have to maximise your relaxation time on your weekends over the next month so you can recover properly.

The most important thing with exams is preparation.  The more preparation you do throughout the semester, the less stress you will have with exams and the easier the process will be.


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