The Challenge of Law

Whether you are planning to be an auditor, a risk analyst or a commercial accountant one thing is clear.  We all have to study law and tax law at university.  Not only is taxation an important part of whatever part of accounting that we practice but the practice of tax law requires certain skills that are not inherent in other parts of accounting.  One of these is to read volumes of information on a consistent basis and to be able to competently and consistently apply tax law.  This is why speed reading is an essential study skill for accountants.

There are a few different methods associated with speed reading, the most common of the these is skimming.  Rather than digesting every word that you read you focus your attention on those areas of the text that are important.  So how do you do this without knowing what you’re reading.  You need to follow your guides.

The first guide is a summary section.  This will give you all the important points of a case and gives you a guideline of what you need to look for in the text.  More often than not, we don’t want to read all the details of a case but the crucial details.  You then quickly search the text for the most important details that were identified in the summary.  This is a much quicker way to read through a summary.  You can more than likely double your reading speed but be warned if you need to comprehend every detail of a case or of a book this isn’t the way to go.  In this case slowest is best as is making sure the distractions around you are minimal as well.

What other guides can you look for – look for the first and last sentence in a paragraph.  The first will indicate what the paragraph is about, the last will summarise it as well as leading you onto the next one.  If you are scanning reference books and journals this is a good way to research without taking up as much time.

Want more on Speed Reading?  Try the Elite Speed Reading Training Course.  Not only improve your reading speed, but your comprehension and memory as well and start making significant improvements in your studies.



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