The Semester has well and truly started

Tutoring students is for the most part seasonal work.  Unlike when you are learning a skill like a musical instrument tutoring in a subject tends to rise and fall as the semester or term progresses.  In fact by the end of the semester it is not uncommon to have students contacting me right before exams to get some last minute help.

So what does all this have to do with you the student?

Firstly keep in mind that if you are requesting help at the end of the semester there are probably quite a few other students making the same request.  Normal practice is to give precedence to ongoing students or students that have been there the whole semester.  The reason for that is there has been a lot more time invested in the student and ultimately the end result.

The other question that has to be asked is this – how much help can one hour be right before the exam.  The answer to that unfortunately is not much.

Like studying itself the best results are gained by ongoing dedication and studying.  For tutoring to have real, long lasting benefit it is best to have ongoing tutoring so you can get everything out of a subject.  The students that I have helped who have had the most success are the ones that I’ve been able to tutor long-term and in addition, have been willing to put in the hard work themselves.

Tutoring helps but it is ultimately down to each and every student to do the work, to do the study and to get the best out of themselves.  College is not high school.  You no longer have a teacher reminding or expecting you to do homework each night.  For first years’ in college, class attendance decrease the longer the semester goes on as attendance isn’t compulsory and there is no one telling them what to do.  You have to tell yourself what to do.

College is a time to learn, to explore but ultimately you are there to earn a degree.  Don’t let yourself become one of the thousands of dropouts.  Have fun but make sure you are putting in the time to learn.  One of the biggest regrets you can have in life is to not taking advantage of opportunities when you have the chance.  Don’t let this be one of them.

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