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Now that you have decided to go ahead and start creating your semester plan, you are going to need a few tools to help you.

Planning Tools come in a few different varieties. You can go old school and use paper planners or set up your planner on your computer or your favourite device.

What I loved to use when I was studying was Microsoft Excel to work out all the calculations, what I needed to study and do next week. Then I would use that data and put it on online calendar on my phone that would follow me everywhere.

The online calendar I use at the moment is Awesome Cal which I use to keep track of my entire life. I’d be truly lost without it. You can’t go wrong either with using free choices like Google Calendar or iCal.

If you are choosing to go offline, make sure you choose one that has plenty of space for alterations as well. I decided earlier this year to have a paper planner as well and I am forever changing it. It has so many things crossed out already and we’re only in February!

Whatever your choice, make sure you use it consistently. A plan is useless if it is not used. Don’t be look businesses or organisations who make beautiful strategic plans that get filed in a draw and never looked at. Make sure you utilise your plan. Once you start to do that, look forward to the success you are going to have at the end of the semester.

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