Using Your Breaks Wisely

Now we are at Easter time most universities and colleges will break for one or two weeks before starting up again.  If you are like most people you will take a break from study and start again in a few weeks’ time.  Resist this temptation.  The problem with a break right now is that you lose momentum.

Think about an athletics sprint.  You start standing still and build momentum as the race continues.  However if you have to stop in the middle when you start up again you lose all the momentum you had built up in the first half of the race.  When studying it takes time to remember where you were up to and you start up again at a disadvantage.  That’s why it is in your best interest to continue studying during the mid semester break.

There is nothing wrong with reducing your workload but by continuing to study you will continue to have the study material fresh in your mind and you can continue gathering momentum.  In addition, it gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage over other students.  You can complete that assignment that’s coming up, do some revision sessions or schedule time with a tutor to tackle some of those topics that you are struggling with at the moment.

Save your holiday time for the end of the semester when you can have a real holiday and celebrate after having aced your subjects knowing that you have invested your time wisely during the semester.  It is also important because you don’t know what is going to happen in the second half of the semester, if you are going to have work or family emergencies crop up or anything else that could make studying on a regular schedule difficult.

So take advantage of your break, keep up the momentum and look forward to a successful semester.

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