What To Do After The Exam

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There is a period after the exam where you really just want to forget all about it, either moving on to your next exam or forget all about it and look forward to your vacation.  While forgetting about your exam is certainly helpful if you have multiple exams in an exam period, trying to forget altogether isn’t as you should always do your own personal review of how you went in each subject.

Wait a few weeks after your exams finish but prior to the release of results and do your own analysis of how you went.  Ask yourself these few questions:

Did I leave myself plenty of time to perform in assignments?
Was I happy with my assignment results?
What areas do I need to improve in?
Did I allow enough time for revision for each exam?
Did I study the right things for the exam?
Could I use a different approach for next time?
How do I think I performed in the exam?

It’s important to do your own personal review BEFORE exam results get released otherwise it’s too easy to be caught in the euphoria of passing or the devastation of failing but if you do your own review before results get released then you can compare them to the actual results that you obtain and use your own feedback to improve next term or semester.

True success is not contingent on results but on learning from each experience and being able to continue to improve in the future.

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