Why Accounting Is Fun


Accountants are often synonymous with being boring, this is a fact.  Students from outside Accounting find it boring but one of the foundations of everything I teach is that Accounting is fun.

It is, seriously!

I actually created the name for my business because one of my first students always complained Accounting was boring and I was frequently trying to convince her that Accounting was fun.  I don’t think I ever convinced her 100% but I helped her understand it and got her to the point she was able to pass her introductory course which is a big step up after she had failed first time.

One of the subjects I really hated when I first studied it was ethics.  The reason was there was no right or wrong answer.  As long as we could justify it with the appropriate ethical theory that answer was acceptable.  For someone like me who likes to have a logical answer for everything, the study of ethics could potentially have been a nightmare.

In accounting there is a right or wrong answer – no in between.  You do the process and you know the result.  It makes it easier to teach but more importantly to learn.  You can try and dismiss me as one of those people who love maths (and yes I do) but I am also highly creative.  Since creativity is frowned upon in Accounting I did a double undergraduate degree and majored in Music History as well which are two fields that are nearly polar opposites of each other.  While I didn’t enjoy ethics all that much I did enjoy Music History as it gave me a chance to use the creative side of the brain through the exploration of music and various cultures.

So back to my first point, why is accounting fun?

For me it comes down to several reasons – most jobs are routine in that they are continuous and never ending but with Accounting there is always a stopping point – at the end of month or the end of year where you can look back with satisfaction at a job well done.  Accounting can be used to help improve business by providing vital information so they can make more money (which is always fun) or if you are non-profit, able to help more people.  Work is rarely fun per se,  but we can get great satisfaction out of it if we enjoy our work and can make a different in the work whether that be in the profit or not for profit world.

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