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Before You Start Revision

Revision is a very important part of exam preparation.  You do however need to make sure you revise with purpose.

Don’t revise just for the sake of revising.

What do I mean by this?

  1. It is not always necessary to revise everything.  If there are areas you have struggled with – focus on those.  You want to make sure you get those right before you head into the exam and find out you should have spent more time revising on that material.
  2. Conversely, don’t spend too much time on areas that you are strong in.  You should only spend substantial amount of time if you have mastered all your weak areas.
  3. Test yourself before you start revision.  Do a practice test before you start so you can work out what your strong and weak areas are.
  4. If you find you have a good handle on the material, invest time in exam taking techniques – doing practice exams and making sure that your approach to the exams is good.   Sometimes you can do poorly on exams because you’re not handling stress properly, you’re making careless errors or making poor judgements in the exam.  Focusing on your exam skills is a much better investment of your time.

While revision is helpful, like every aspect of studying you need to tailor it your own strengths and weaknesses.

Learn what they are and prepare to ace that exam.

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Before You Start Revision

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