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Maximise your Spare Time when Studying By Using Study Tools

Study Tools There are a lot of study tools you can get to make your studying easier.  Back in the day all you used to have is your trusty pen and paper and if you were lucky, a digital note taker. Now, there a plethora of apps and software available, study content now is often…
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Why not to study in the third semester

There are few good reasons not to study in the third semester but this first one is more important than the others.  And that is, you’ve already studied too much this year and you just need a break. Halfway during my Master’s degree I decided to study two units over the third semester as I…
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Should you be studying a third semester?

As summer quickly approaches, the thought of studying for another three months is usually far from our minds.  Back when I did both my degrees, I did a third semester but for two entirely different reasons. The First Time When I finished the last unit of my undergraduate degree I thought I had done enough…
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You’ve Got Your Results – Now What?

So after you’ve got your results you probably have one of three possible reactions: You are overjoyed, you got what you wanted or better than you wanted and you can now enjoy the summer to its fullest. You are relieved it’s over, you didn’t quite get what you wanted but you are satisfied with the…
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What To Do Before You Get Your Results

Before You Get Your Results The week before you get your results can be exceptionally stressful.  Anxiety sets in, you start questioning every thing you did on the exam and everything you did before. The thing you have to keep at the forefront of your mind is that right now you cannot change one thing…
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Recovering From End of Semester Exams

I touched on recovering from exams a few months ago at the end of semester one exams.  How you recover at the end of semester one is different to how you recover at semester two.  The exception of course is if you are doing a semester three. Let’s assume however that you are done with…
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How to Cope with Exam Stress and Stress Exhaustion

By now, you are half way through your exam period and it can be really difficult to not only cope with stress but also with stress exhaustion.  During my undergraduate degree, I was pretty fortunate to have my exams spread out over the two week period.  However, there was a time when I was unfortunate…
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Why Problem Solving Skills Are Important

One Of The Most Valuable Skills One of the most valuable skills I have acquired is the ability to problem solve effectively.  The reason for this is that most data entry, bookkeeping work is routine.  Even the reconciliation and report preparing work can be routine.  What changes it are when new systems or processes need…
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Using Your Mid Semester Break Effectively

How Do You Use Your Mid Semester Break? It is tempting at mid-semester break time to relax before the second half of the semester.  While this is tempting, make sure you use this time wisely.  You can use this time to catch up on your assignments, which is an excellent idea if you have fallen…
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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask A Question

I remember the first time I sat in a lecture theatre with 200 odd students and it was very daunting.  Up to that point, the biggest studying environment I’d ever been in was a classroom with 30 students.  Much more daunting was the prospect of asking a question of the lecturer.  In fact I don’t…
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