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How to Tackle Short Answer Exams

Short answer exams come in a couple of formats The first is where you are given a set of short answer questions and you have to answer every question.  The second is where you might get given a dozen or more questions and you have to select a number of them to answer.  The second…
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multiple choice exam

How To Approach Multiple Choice Exams

Multiple Choice Exams Most students love multiple choice exams because it gives you a one in four chance of being correct.  This is very true.  You do have to remember that it also gives you a three in four chance of being wrong and those are not good odds.  You can’t approach a multiple choice…
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revision notes

Why Exam Format Matters

What Is Your Exam Format? When you prepare for your exam, one of things that is most important is the format of the exam.  The reason is, it can vastly alter your exam approach.  For example, if you have a practical problem exam, you will want to spend all your time to doing practice problems…
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How Do You Learn Best?

When I was in school I never took much notice of how I learnt and whether any other method was better than any other.  I just went to school, listened to my teachers, did my homework and that was that.  When I went to university, my approach was pretty much the same – I went…
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Why You Need to Develop an Exam Action Plan

Last time I wrote about the importance of preparing for your exam early, as early as possible.  The more you prepare now, the better off you will be when it comes to your final exam. You Need An Action Plan Remember though, intending to start exam preparation early and actually starting it early are too…
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Start Your Exam Preparation Early

It is only week two of the semester and it may seem unusual to be thinking about exam preparation at this stage but there are good reasons for approaching the semester this way. Why You Need To Prepare Early Firstly, an exam can make up to anywhere from 40% to 80% of your final grade…
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The Challenge of Studying Externally

Studying Internally I did my first degree studying internally and it made the transition from school so much easier.  You have lectures to attend each week and the tutorials resembled the classroom environment.  It was great because I could ask questions, meet other students and it was generally a great way to stay motivated.  I…
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Challenge of Studying Accounting

I’ve been studying, practicing and teaching Accounting in some capacity for the last twenty five years.  What I have learnt from this is that there is so much more to learn.  And it can be challenging. It helps to be good in Maths, especially studying the practical side of accounting.  However, you also need to…
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How to Cope with Poor Exam Results

Exam Result Time You’ve got your exam results back for the first time (or maybe the thousandth time) and it’s not what you were hoping for.  Maybe you were looking for a distinction and only managed a pass.  Or maybe you were hoping for a credit and you have failed and now you’re GPA is…
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How To Recover From Exams

The exam period is gruelling not only mentally but physically as well.  You don’t want to end up spending your holidays with a cold or flu that accompanies the winter months.  So physically you want to make sure you do all the right things so you stay healthy.  However, the biggest challenge is how can…
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