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Preparing For Exam Day

Now that you’ve nearly done all your revision and maybe even done a practice exam or two you will hopefully feel very prepared for your exam. So what do you do now?  Now is the time to make you are physically and mentally primed for your exam. The normal rules apply in this case –…
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How To Mimic Your Exam

Why Mimic Your Exam? When revising for your end of semester exams, it is common practice to use a practice exam as a way of testing yourself to firstly, see if you have prepared well enough and secondly, to see how you will cope with exam conditions. The problem with this is we often remember…
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What To Do If You Don’t Have A Practice Exam

Last week I highlighted the importance of doing a practice exam before you start revision. But what do you do if you don’t have one? There are several options you can use: Ask your Lecturer or Teacher for some revision questions and use that in place of a practice test.  This is obviously the best…
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Before You Start Revision

Revision is a very important part of exam preparation.  You do however need to make sure you revise with purpose. Don’t revise just for the sake of revising. What do I mean by this? It is not always necessary to revise everything.  If there are areas you have struggled with – focus on those.  You…
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