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revision notes

How To Write Helpful Revision Notes

Writing revision notes is an important part of being a student no matter your field of study. It is also more of an art that you need to learn that you need to master so you can perform your best. What To Include When I was studying I often would try to include everything that’s…
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revision notes

Have You Started Taking Revision Notes Yet?

While most people think it’s a little bit crazy to start revision at the end of April, now is the perfect time to get a head start. There are several advantages to starting taking revision notes now: You save yourself the panic of doing them in revision week. Instead you can be focused on the…
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review your priorities

Review Your Priorities

As we approach the mid point of the semester, now is a good time to review your priorities. Study presents all sorts of challenges especially when combined with all the other things in life we need to take care of. It is very easy to let things get off track so it is important to…
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Reward your successes

Reward Your Successes

One of the hardest things with studying is that the gap between work and the final result can be so big. This can be the gap that occurs over the semester or the completion of your studies altogether. To keep your motivation levels up, you need to make sure that you find ways to reward…
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project management

How Project Management Can Help Your Studies

Project Management if I had to define it, is a way to make a unique combination of resources in order to reach a specific goal. An example of project management might be an installation of a new computer system. You have to combine IT resources as well as finance as well as anyone else who…
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Prioritization Tools To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Study

While I haven’t always been the best at beating procrastination while studying, since then I have employed a few tools that have helped me stay on top of everything I have to do. I work from home and don’t have specific work hours. I do however have to do a certain number of hours and…
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Dangers of Procrastination

Procrastination is dangerous. It robs us of getting the best out of ourselves. And the result is poorer results than we could have achieved if we gave our best effort. Christopher Parker said: Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. By endlessly putting things off, we…
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Why You Need To Prioritise Early

The thing with semester and time for that matter, is that it can get away from you very easily which is why you need to prioritise early. Before you know it, you’ve hit week 6, have assignments due all over the place and don’t even have time to think about exams. That is why you…
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Developing an assessment management plan

An assessment management plan is important so you get all those pesky assessment items done on time. And not just done, but make sure you get the best grade possible. After all, that’s what we all want, isn’t it? So how do you develop an assessment management plan? And what is it anyway? It is…
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How To Make A Weekly Time Management Plan

If you don’t manage time, it will eventually manage you. If you don’t have a time management plan in place you will end up running out of time. It is not enough to say I am going to put some time aside for study this week. You have to plan for it. Otherwise it will…
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