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How are you at managing your time?


As we begin another academic year, often the biggest struggle students face isn’t to do with subject content. Rather, it is having enough time to do everything they need to do. Why is it the select few can manage to get everything done but we are still struggling to get that assignment in on time?

Firstly, they set very clear priorities in their life. During the semester, they cut down on other activities – their TV time, social media time and focus on their studies. It is far too easy to get distracted with TV, social media and anything else that might capture our attention. They set very clear boundaries for how much leisure time they can have during the semester or term.

Secondly, they have plans in place for accomplishing their goals. Rather than getting daunted by that huge assignment they have to do, they break it down into smaller pieces. These then break down into smaller milestones that have to be achieved by a certain date. Having smaller tasks to do makes a project simpler to do and assists in helping you complete that assignment.

Finally, what they can’t do, they find someone who can do it. For instance, if you’re spelling and grammar is rather bad, you could hire someone to spell check it for you. If research isn’t your thing, find someone to help you or take a workshop on how to do academic research.

You can also outsource things in your personal life. Find someone to do your cleaning and odd jobs around the house. Then you can use that time to study and make sure you get everything done.

There are plenty of resources with time management tips for every student.

How do you think you are at managing your time? If you are finding that you need help in this area, it may be time to do a time audit and start re-claiming the time in your life.

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