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How To Approach Multiple Choice Exams

multiple choice exam

Multiple Choice Exams

Most students love multiple choice exams because it gives you a one in four chance of being correct.  This is very true.  You do have to remember that it also gives you a three in four chance of being wrong and those are not good odds.  You can’t approach a multiple choice exam thinking you don’t have to study because if you do you will do poorly.  You need to know the material.

On the positive side, if you have no idea about an answer, you can select one option and still have a chance of being correct.  Also, if you have studied and are unsure, you can use your knowledge to eliminate various options and make an educated guess which should give you better than a 25% chance.

The difficulty though is in how difficult your multiple choice exam is going to be.  When I studied for my CPA qualification, every answer was at least partially correct.  If you did not have a thorough understanding of the material, you failed.  So in many ways, multiple choice was harder.  In a short answer exam, you provide what knowledge you have and even if you are not always correct, you can get part marks.  In a multiple choice exam, you don’t have that option.  If you are wrong, you can’t get part marks for it.

So how do you approach multiple choice exams?

You need to vary your study to accommodate both the theoretical and practical parts of your course so you have the knowledge to at least have an “educated guess” at all questions.  And in your revision period, you should get as many practice exams and/or revision questions as possible so you can practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice, the more confident you will get with multiple choice exams.

Don’t ignore your study time just because you have a multiple choice exam.  Approach it like you would any other exam.  The benefit is, if you have studied, the wrong answers will become more apparent giving you a much greater chance of being correct and succeeding in your exams.

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