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Keeping mentally healthy this exam period

We are nearly halfway during the first week of exams. One of the most important things is to stay healthy during this period (given we are nearly halfway during June), but also to stay mentally healthy.

Exams are exhausting, there is no denying this. Exam periods are very, very exhausting. Having to complete four exams over a two week keep period can be very draining physically but also mentally.

You need to keep at your best mentally and that means finding time to recover between exams. The complication is that this is very difficult to do considering there is a short space between exams and you need to find time to study in between them.

There is no perfect solution. Exam period is meant to test you (no pun intended!). You need to find ways to de-stress and recover in the shortest time possible.

The problem is different things work for different people and some methods are more effective than others. What I do and what I recommend for others is that you combine a few things together to get the most benefit. Try different things and find what works best for you. Read this article on Brain Fatigue, at the bottom it includes a list of activities to help combat brain fatigue.

During this busy exam period, finding fifteen minutes to de-stress can be infinitely valuable. Make the best the use of your time, find what works for you and good luck with the rest of your exams.

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