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Make Goal Setting A Continuous Process

While it is easier to get caught up this time of year making new years’ resolutions, we need a different approach. Goal setting should be a continual, year-long process. Rather than setting a goal to reach by the end of the year, we need to break it up into smaller goals. Having smaller goals as part of a much larger one are easier to achieve.

Also by working on goals year round we are less likely to think of them a new year, new you process.

They should form part of longer 3-year or 5-year plans and be broken down into smaller parts. In this way they are like the many parts that make up a machine but when complete can do something amazing.

So what are your long term goals? Do they include going to university and getting that degree?

If so, break up that goal into each unit of study and then each piece of assessment and then each week of study. Once you have done that and work towards that goal of your degree it is less daunting.

And in this way, it is more likely that you will achieve your goals.

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” —Bill Copeland

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