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Making Revision Notes More Helpful

revision notes

Last week we looked at how to write helpful revision notes. If you want to make revision notes more helpful you need to go beyond writing revision notes during revision time at the end of the semester. There are two ways to do this.

Firstly, write your revision notes at the end of each week. This means you are revising when you can clearly remember the topic rather than 10 weeks later at the end of semester. Also, if you start writing revision notes early, you can use them and start revising throughout the semester. This is a far better method than simply revising right before final exams.

Use Different Formats

Secondly, consider constructing revision notes in different formats. We all learn different ways. Some of us are visual learners, some like to learn from reading, from auditory means or by engaging with the subject matter. One thing to consider is how do you learn best? Do you learn best from video? audio? or some other means. Take time to reflect and consider your best method of learning. Ask parents, friends, previous teachers and lecturers for their advice. Then consider preparing your revision notes in a format that suits your learning style.

Which Learning Method Suits You?

For example, if you are an audio learner, write out your revision notes and then record your revision notes (or get someone else to do it). Then use that as your revision tool. This method is also extremely portable. You can then revise on the way to work, at the gym or anywhere you have some spare time and access to a pair of headphones.

Find out what learning method works for you and prepare your revision notes accordingly.

Remember, don’t feel constrained by whatever everyone else is doing but you want to find the way to learn that is going to work for you allow you to get your best result.

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