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My History

Why the name Accounting is Fun?

I’ve been asked that a number of times over the years and it came about when I had a student who was really struggling with accounting who was not very excited about the subject.

So I kept reminding them that accounting is fun and it became kind of a running joke with us.

At the time I was trying to create a name for my business and so the name ended up sticking thus Accounting is Fun was born.

Its also a kind of tongue in cheek joke because accountants are often thought of as boring. My personal experience with accountants whom I’ve worked with was that they were far from boring. In fact in my first job the accountant I worked for rode motorcycles and horses in his spare time.

I started tutoring as I scaled back my work hours from full time to part time as a way to earn some extra money. I discovered I loved it, particularly the chance to teach as well as mentor high school as well as older students.

With my years’ of experience I want to help them get the best out of their academic studies so that they can apply everything they have learned successfully to the workplace.