Prioritization Tools To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Study

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While I haven’t always been the best at beating procrastination while studying, since then I have employed a few tools that have helped me stay on top of everything I have to do.

I work from home and don’t have specific work hours. I do however have to do a certain number of hours and make sure all the tasks that I am required to do are done. It would be very easy for me to procrastinate most of the week and suddenly have to do 60 hours of work in 3 days. This would be completely unhealthy as I’d have very little sleep and the quality of work would go way down. So I have to be disciplined in the amount of work I do per day even if there are minor shifts in the amount of work I have to do between each day.

To keep myself disciplined I use a couple of apps to help keep me on track:

Awesome Cal – I use this to keep my entire life scheduled. You can set up events, notes and reminders, link to different calendars, email and print your schedule and set up for recurring events too. I’d honestly be lost without it as I have a terrible memory and it helps keep me on track. While there are other great calendar apps out there this is one that has worked best for me over the years. Available on iOS only.

Day Planner – I also use a day planner where I write down specific tasks that I need to get done and it’s great because I can take it with me wherever I go. I got a weekly one which has space to write in each day but find one that works for you.

White Board – The other thing I use is a white board so I can see a fortnightly view of what I have to do. I also have a secondary one which has a two month view so I have a longer term view. I picked up one at Officeworks pretty cheap and another I got at a garage sale for only $5 (bargain!).

If I had to go back to study again, I think those are the tools that I would be using. What about you, do you have some favourite tools for study?

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