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Recovering From End of Semester Exams

I touched on recovering from exams a few months ago at the end of semester one exams.  How you recover at the end of semester one is different to how you recover at semester two.  The exception of course is if you are doing a semester three.

Let’s assume however that you are done with studying until February.  There is a long break between mid November and the end of February when first semester starts again.

So safe to say, you will have lots of recovery time compared to the first semester break.  The focus at the end of the first semester was to spend time recovering quickly.  Now you have time to recover but you can take your time doing it.  An example of this is going on holidays.  You often don’t have the time to do that after you finish exams in June. However there is usually plenty of time over December/January to take a much needed vacation.

The other part of this is it can get often be one of the busiest times of the year with end of year celebrations.  But before you know it, it is February and nearly the start of another semester.

So before the busyness of the end of year starts, make sure you take time out for you to not only mentally recover from your exams but from studying throughout the year.  Make sure you take time to take care of yourself (see this article for advice about self care) so that when the next semester starts you are rejuvenated and ready to start you study full of motivation and enthusiasm.

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