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Review Your Priorities

review your priorities

As we approach the mid point of the semester, now is a good time to review your priorities. Study presents all sorts of challenges especially when combined with all the other things in life we need to take care of.

It is very easy to let things get off track so it is important to take time regularly to review your priorities. There will be times when your studies have take a back seat to other more important things. I had times during my studies over the years where family members had passed away and I had to put aside studies for awhile. So it’s OK for priorities to change for a period of time.

However, we shouldn’t let things get off track for too long or you may need to consider postponing your studies for a period. I did that during studying for my CPA and it was just what I needed at the time. I was then able to restart, refreshed and ready to start again.

Reassess Now

If you find that you’ve gotten off track, now is a good time re-assess about what you need and can change in your life. Look at what needs to change between now and the end of semester so you can achieve the result you want. Use these prioritization tools to make sure you stay on track and finish the semester successfully.

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