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Reward Your Successes

Reward your successes

One of the hardest things with studying is that the gap between work and the final result can be so big. This can be the gap that occurs over the semester or the completion of your studies altogether. To keep your motivation levels up, you need to make sure that you find ways to reward your accomplishments along the way.

The act of using positive reinforcement can not only reward you for your accomplishment but also encourage to keep up the good work you’ve been doing. Positive reinforcement can be used in any sphere of life, whether it be to maintain an exercise regime or eat healthy, using positive reinforcement can keep you motivated in whatever good habit you are trying to acquire.

So how do you use positive reinforcement with your studies when the result is so far away?

You need to develop smaller milestones. This can something as small as doing your study for the week. It can be to do a task in relation to an assignment. You should have smaller milestones and larger ones as well to keep you motivated as well. In my last few semesters of study I used larger milestones (completing an assignment etc) but looking back I can see the benefit of having smaller milestones.

What you reward yourself with is up to you. For larger milestones you can reward yourself with larger items like a holiday. You can’t do that for smaller milestones (as it would get really expensive) but you can reward yourself with low cost things like going to a movie or just find something that you love to do.

The point is to find some way to reward yourself along the way to achieve your ultimate goal of completing your studies.

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