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Should you be studying a third semester?

As summer quickly approaches, the thought of studying for another three months is usually far from our minds.  Back when I did both my degrees, I did a third semester but for two entirely different reasons.

The First Time

When I finished the last unit of my undergraduate degree I thought I had done enough to pass.  Unfortunately, I had thought wrong.  In my excitement to finish Uni, I under-performed (read – failed) my final unit so I was faced with the prospect of studying again over the summer semester, something I didn’t want to do coupled with the humiliation of failing that last unit.

It was either do it again over summer or wait until first semester but that would’ve meant missing out on all the employment opportunities at the beginning of the year so I begrudgingly started studying again.

The Advantages

So, the advantage for me was finishing in January rather than waiting around to June but there can be other reasons too.  If you can complete one or two units over third semester you can graduate earlier, make up time for any failed subjects or just do one or two easier ones over the summer (which is what I did in my postgraduate degree).  It can also be a useful way to spend time over the summer as the University summer break can be very long with nothing else to do.

There are some great advantages of why you should study in the third semester, but next week I’ll be showing why studying in the third semester may not suit everyone, so stay tuned for that one.

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