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Stopping Distractions


Distractions are everywhere. This makes overcoming procrastination difficult. It is so easy to get distracted and so many things look more enjoyable than study.

So how do you stop distractions?

  1. Turn off notifications – you have probably heard this before but turn off notifications if you want to start to get serious about beating procrastination. You do not need to know if someone liked or commented on your photo the second it happens. In fact, often it’s a lot better. Instead of wondering why no one has liked your post, you can go on in ignorance not knowing. Find out how to turn off notifications on your phone. I have mine set up so I only got notifications from important app and use do not disturb all the time. It helps so that in times I need to concentrate I know I’m only going to be distracted if there is a call from work.
  2. Put your phone and other devices away for a period of time. If you need to concentrate for an extended period of time, devices can be a source of distraction. I put them in my bedroom and go into my office to do my work. Once I’m finished I go back and rescue my phone to take care of anything that may have happened in the meantime. Focus is everything.
  3. Resist email – Set a schedule for checking emails. While there are several schools of thought on this matter, my preference is for once every hour. It’s frequent enough to stay on top of anything that happens but it lets me attend it when I choose to. You could also pair this with whenever you take a break – do 90 minutes of study and then check emails and make it your reward for finishing.
  4. Choose your location carefully – if distractions abound where you study see if you can study somewhere where distractions are kept to a minimum. Doing it at the kitchen table in full view of the fridge and TV is not the wisest decision!

Your results are the product of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours. 

John Di Lemme

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