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Studying when you don’t feel like it

studying when you don't feel like it

We all have times when we don’t want to study either because we don’t like the material or because there a million more things that we would rather do instead.

So how do you study when you don’t feel like it?

You need to provide yourself motivation. The problem is the main motivation for studying is a passing grade but that can seem a long way off when there are 10 weeks of further study left. Here are ideas I have used in the past.

  1. Have a short-term reward system in place. Reward yourself for each week of study but also for every day, every hour. It’ll give your brain a much needed dopamine hit and the motivation to keep going as well as that small reward.
  2. Break it down into more manageable pieces. It’s much easier to use smaller study blocks to study. The first in this list of 9 ways to keep studying is to limit your session length. The reason is, it works. Even 30 mins each day is 3.5 hours each week. That’s a lot of time by the end of semester that you don’t have to cram for that exam.
  3. Change your study space. Take your study outside to a park, enjoy some of nature’s many benefits and the refreshing change of space can make it easier to study.
  4. Join a study group. You might get some great ideas and perspectives on different questions rather than slogging it on your own. Just make sure you actually study and you don’t just procrastinate together!
  5. Start small. Odyssey Online in their 5 tips for studying when you don’t feel like it, “Start somewhere easy and small”. When I am scheduling my work for the day, the first thing I do each day is the banking. Firstly, because people need to know how much money is in our bank accounts but secondly, because it is easy for me to do and gives that sense of accomplishment to go on to bigger and better tasks.

Intrinsic motivation is one of learning’s most precious resources. It bolsters us to stick out the tough moments of a challenge and pursue what we love to do.

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