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Using Your Mid Semester Break Effectively

How Do You Use Your Mid Semester Break? It is tempting at mid-semester break time to relax before the second half of the semester.  While this is tempting, make sure you use this time wisely.  You can use this time to catch up on your assignments, which is an excellent idea if you have fallen…
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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask A Question

I remember the first time I sat in a lecture theatre with 200 odd students and it was very daunting.  Up to that point, the biggest studying environment I’d ever been in was a classroom with 30 students.  Much more daunting was the prospect of asking a question of the lecturer.  In fact I don’t…
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How to Tackle Short Answer Exams

Short answer exams come in a couple of formats The first is where you are given a set of short answer questions and you have to answer every question.  The second is where you might get given a dozen or more questions and you have to select a number of them to answer.  The second…
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How Do You Learn Best?

When I was in school I never took much notice of how I learnt and whether any other method was better than any other.  I just went to school, listened to my teachers, did my homework and that was that.  When I went to university, my approach was pretty much the same – I went…
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