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Using a Time Management Planner for your studies


A time management planner for me is a lot like calendar. However, it is much more non-negotiable. Meaning that everything is planned out. A typical calendar you might plan meetings, events, appointments etc. With a time management planner you plan everything in your life.

While that can sound restrictive, it doesn’t have to be. You schedule your relaxation time. You can schedule when you are going to go out with your friends, when you have your meals, when you are going to be with family. This way you can plan how you are going to spend your time and make sure all your studies get done.

The other thing it gives you is to truly assess an invitation that you receive. You can see if you truly do have time for your schedule to accept it or not. This is actually very freeing as it gives you control over your life and your time.

To what degree you take it is up to you. Schedule how long you are going to take meals, how long to get ready for bed or not. The point is to make sure there is room in your schedule for your studies and you can make sure that your studies get done so you can achieve the best you can.

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