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Using Your Mid Semester Break Effectively

How Do You Use Your Mid Semester Break?

It is tempting at mid-semester break time to relax before the second half of the semester.  While this is tempting, make sure you use this time wisely.  You can use this time to catch up on your assignments, which is an excellent idea if you have fallen behind.

However, if you are all caught up with your assignments it can be tempting to just enjoy the break.  You can make time to relax but now is a perfect opportunity to catch up with your revision program so you prepare for end of semester exams.

Importance of Revision

Revision isn’t just for the last week before the exam period.  It is an ongoing process throughout the semester.  If you haven’t made time already, the mid-semester break is an enormous opportunity to either start your revision program or to fine-tune it in time for exams.

Think it like a finals series in football.  The teams that make the final series don’t start their preparation in September.  Their preparation starts long beforehand at November the year before.

So why do we think our preparation for exams should start the week before?  Make the time that you have available to you now and start preparing for your exams this mid-semester break.

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