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What To Do Before You Get Your Results

Before You Get Your Results

The week before you get your results can be exceptionally stressful.  Anxiety sets in, you start questioning every thing you did on the exam and everything you did before.

The thing you have to keep at the forefront of your mind is that right now you cannot change one thing that has happened.  All you can do is learn from it.

And to really learn from something you need to do your own review of your performance during the semester, even before you know the final result.

Why do this?

So you can improve the process of studying and performance.  Success is a process.  When I teach students a new accounting problem, I am not really that concerned that they get the right answer.  What I am concerned with is that they understand and master the process.  Because if they understand and master the process, the right result will most likely occur.

This is the time to review your processes.  Did you feel prepared before the exam?  What could you improve?  What do you need to eliminate?  And what do you need to do so that next semester you are even more successful?

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