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What To Do If You Don’t Have A Practice Exam

Last week I highlighted the importance of doing a practice exam before you start revision.

But what do you do if you don’t have one?

There are several options you can use:

  1. Ask your Lecturer or Teacher for some revision questions and use that in place of a practice test.  This is obviously the best option because they will focus on questions that are likely to be on the exam.
  2. Hire a Tutor and get them to prepare one for you.  This is also another good option as they will have access to a lot of material and if you provide the objectives of your course they should be able to prepare one to help your revise for your exam.
  3. If both those options fail, get a friend or family member to select questions from the relevant chapters of your text book (or do it yourself) and prepare an exam that you can practice with for revision.  The downside of this is if you do it yourself you will be prone to select questions which you are strongest in but not necessarily the ones you need to practice in order to prepare properly.

So there are some options on how to get access to a practice test if you don’t already have one.

Also check your university library or with prior students.  Although your lecturer may not have provided a practice exam sometimes they hold previous ones in the library (they tend to be at least a year old so if the curriculum has changed this isn’t a good option).  Or find other students who’ve taken the course who might have received practice tests in previous years.


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What To Do If You Don't Have A Practice Exam

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