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What to do the week before the exam

At this point, you should have done the majority of your revision. Revision begins long before the revision period starts. The week before you should start to taper off to make sure you are at your mental peak for your exam.

  1. If it is an open book exam, make sure you have your notes prepared early in the week.
  2. Take time to do a practice exam, mimicking exam conditions as close as you can.
  3. Then get someone to check your exam so you can know which areas you need to review.
  4. Review those areas from your practice exam you still need to work on.
  5. Go over your revision notes mid-week to make sure you have covered all areas from any exam advice you’ve received.
  6. Take some time out to restore your mental health prior to the exam. There are many options for improving brain health. Check out this article on brain fatigue and go to the list down the bottom for some ideas.
  7. Also keep in mind the toll that exam stress can take. Preparing ahead of time will help keep your stress level at a reasonable level.
  8. Make sure you continue to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep in the lead up to the exam. These are two of the important aspects in making sure that you will perform your best on exam day.

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