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Why not to study in the third semester

There are few good reasons not to study in the third semester but this first one is more important than the others.  And that is, you’ve already studied too much this year and you just need a break.

Halfway during my Master’s degree I decided to study two units over the third semester as I had skipped studying some semester’s in the previous few years and needed to be sure I could finish on time.

The units I’d chosen were easier ones so I thought I would be ok.  However, I had already studied one unit in the first and second semester, combined with working thirty hours a week it became too much.  By early January, I was ready to give up.  I did get through those two units but didn’t achieve anywhere near where I could have because I was mentally fatigued.  So the lesson is before you start a third semester make sure you can mentally handle it.

The next one is to realise that the third semester is there is not a lot of time in the third semester, especially if you take into account all the end of year celebrations so selecting a unit that you might find difficult is unwise.

The last one is that you miss a chance to mentally recover but also to try other things which can help stop your motivation from waning especially if you are studying part time over a number of years.

So studying in the third semester can have both benefits and drawbacks.  You need to look at your own circumstances and find out what will work best for you as studying over summer is not for everyone but there can be enormous benefits if you can manage it effectively.

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