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Why You Need To Prioritise Early


The thing with semester and time for that matter, is that it can get away from you very easily which is why you need to prioritise early. Before you know it, you’ve hit week 6, have assignments due all over the place and don’t even have time to think about exams. That is why you need to start prioritising early. And more importantly, get in place plans to help you cope with those busy periods.

We are now at the end of week two of semester one. While it is easy to be daunted by all the new things you have to learn, assignments and exams you will have to do, you need to be decide right now what you are going to prioritise. This of course, doesn’t just apply to study either. You have to prioritise your own life. Are you going to spend a couple of hours in the evening watching TV or you are going to start on that assignment early?

The danger this early in the semester is that assignments and exams seem so far away. Most of us have this tendency to procrastinate and postpone things until we have to do it. Learning to overcome procrastination is one of the great skills you can learn studying (and in life for that matter) and it’s one I’ll be discussing in more detail next week.

If we keep putting things off though, short of the sky falling in we are eventually going to have to do them. I have been in situations where I have done assignments in matter of day or days with varying results, some better than expected. Looking back now though, I regret that I didn’t put all the time I had available into getting the best result I could have. Don’t let this be you!

Start today and make study and the important things in life a priority so you can reap the benefits and know you did the best you possibly could have.

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